Mohamed Adil

Masters Student

January 2021 - September 2021


I am a Master student in the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology at the University of Washington.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering where I majored in Biotechnology. During my Undergraduate studies I had an opportunity to do an internship at Halushka Lab at John Hopkins University, Baltimore where we explored the microRNAome and discovered novel human microRNA. As a research volunteer I also did research in Dr. Samarjit Das Lab at JHU where specific exosomal microRNA were being studied as biomarkers to understand disease pathology of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

As a Graduate Researcher at the Genetics and Solid Tumor Laboratory at University of Washington, Seattle I am working to improve my understanding of circulatory genetic biomarkers and translating that to develop advance clinical assays. My Master’s thesis explores the use of circulating cell-free DNA to be used for diagnostics, prognostics, and also for treatment monitoring.

Outside of my research work I like to bike, read, play video games and I also enjoy cooking.


Nucleosome patterns in circulating tumor DNA reveal transcriptional regulation of advanced prostate cancer phenotypes

A framework for clinical cancer subtyping from nucleosome profiling of cell-free DNA