Akira Nair

Undergraduate Research Intern (SURP)

June 2023 - August 2023


I am a rising fourth year studying computer science at Brown University. At Brown, I am pursuing my interests in computational biology and artificial intelligence. I am a member of the Singh Lab, where I have been developing deep learning models that integrate various modalities, including clinical, transcriptomic, and tissue imaging data, to predict survival for lung cancer patients. Through my research and coursework, I have learned how complex and intricate the biological underpinnings of life can be. My goal with my research is to accelerate our understanding of human biology and ultimately leverage that knowledge to engineer software and tools that can effectively treat and prevent disease in a clinical setting. In addition to my research, I am also interested in software development. I am currently leading Jatshoen, a volunteer organization that strives to empower startups and local businesses in Bhutan through innovative IT solutions.

Outside of academics, I enjoy composing music, cooking with my friends, going on hikes, and playing tennis.