Addison Gage

Undergraduate Research Intern

Joined May 2023


I’m an undergraduate computer science major at Willamette University interning at the Ha Lab in Fred Hutch during the summer of 2023. Through coursework at both Central Washington University and Willamette University, I have developed proficiency in Python, which has been the primary programming language of my studies.

During my time at Willamette University, I contributed to the creation of a CNN model used to identify skin lesions, which piqued my interest in machine learning and neural networks. I also studied data structures analyzed algorithms used for simple string matching, while learning and gaining experience with working with data as a whole.

Outside of computer science, I enjoy engaging in sports and outdoor activities. I am a member of the Willamette University track and field team, I enjoy playing soccer, I like hikes and the outdoors in general. I also like to embrace my artistic side from time to time and create drawings and artworks.