A Eden Cruikshank

Graduate Student

Joined January 2022


I am currently a first year graduate student with the Molecular and Cellular Biology program at the University of Washington. I graduated from the University of North Florida with a BS in Biomedical Sciences.

While an undergrad, I joined the Lab of Dr. David Waddell studying the genetic underpinning of muscle atrophy. After graduation, I was accepted into the Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. While at UNC, I worked with Dr. Douglas Phanstiel to investigate how activation of innate immune cells by misfolded proteins contribute to neurodegenerative diseases. These research experiences have shaped my scientific interests to understand human disease through a genetics/genomics lense.

While in graduate school, I hope to develop computational skills to aid me in this endeavor. In the Ha Lab, I will be working to help develop methods to use tumor-derived cell-free DNA for breast cancer diagnosis.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy nature walks with my dog, Ripley, exploring new breweries, wineries & restaurants, and binging Netflix, of course.


A framework for clinical cancer subtyping from nucleosome profiling of cell-free DNA