Genetic ancestry contributes to somatic mutations in lung cancers from admixed Latin American populations

Carrot-Zhang J, Soca-Chafre G, Patterson N, Thorner AR, Nag A, Watson J, Genovese G, Rodriguez J, Gelbard MK, Corrales-Rodriguez L, Mitsuishi Y, Ha G, Campbell JD, Oxnard GR, Arrieta O, Cardona AF, Gusev A, Meyerson M
Cancer Discovery , (2020).


Inherited lung cancer risk, particularly in non-smokers, is poorly understood. Genomic and ancestry analysis of 1153 lung cancers from Latin America revealed striking associations between Native American ancestry and their somatic landscape, including tumor mutational burden (TMB), and specific driver mutations in EGFR, KRAS, and STK11. A local Native American ancestry risk score was more strongly correlated with EGFR mutation frequency compared to global ancestry correlation, suggesting that germline genetics (rather than environmental exposure) underlie these disparities.