Analysis of subclonal copy number alterations (CNA) and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in cancer

Scripts and Pipeline code for TitanCNA analysis


1. Standard Whole Genome/Exome Sequencing Analysis

a. We provide a Snakemake implementation of the pipeline to perform TITAN analysis starting from BAM files to TitanCNA results. Please see snakemake/ for more details.

b. R scripts for running TitanCNA analysis
The R_scripts directory contains the actual R script to run the (R component of the) TitanCNA analysis as well as an R script to select the optimal solution.
While the Snakemake pipeline will make use of R script within R_scripts, you can learn about more details of the R script here R_scripts/.

2. 10X Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis

The Snakemake workflow is in another Git repo: