Anna-Lisa Doebley

Graduate Student

March 2019 - October 2022


I am a student in the MSTP program at the University of Washington. I got my bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where I majored in Genetics and minored in Painting. While at the University of Wisconsin, I did research in Dr. Akihiro Ikeda’s lab where I studied the genetic causes of corneal neovascularization (a cancer like phenotype in the mouse eye) and retinal degeneration (which is similar to macular degeneration in humans). During my undergraduate studies, I also spent time at UNC Chapel Hill where I worked in Dr. Shawn Ahmed’s lab and studied aging using mortal germline mutants in C. elegans. These research experiences lead me to pursue an MD-PhD so that I could continue working on genetic research and help bridge the gap between research and the clinic.

As a graduate student, I became interested in computational methods for genetic research. I’m especially interested in using these methods to improve cancer detection, prognosis, and treatment. In the Ha lab, I am looking forward to learning more about computational and mathematical approaches to cancer genomics and utilizing these approaches to improve cancer detection in cell free DNA.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy arts and crafts, singing, reading, and outdoor adventures.


Nucleosome patterns in circulating tumor DNA reveal transcriptional regulation of advanced prostate cancer phenotypes

A framework for clinical cancer subtyping from nucleosome profiling of cell-free DNA

Circulating tumor DNA is readily detectable among Ghanaian breast cancer patients supporting non-invasive cancer genomic studies in Africa

Software & Code