Pooja Chandra

Bioinformatics Analyst

Joined March 2024


I am a Bioinformatics Analyst II in the Ha Lab at Fred Hutch, having joined in March 2024. My background includes a masters degree in Bioinformatics from Indiana University and prior experience as a Bioinformatics Analyst at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. There, my focus was on developing pipelines for Clinical Whole Exome assay and detecting copy number alterations in cancer patients, followed by data analysis.

My passion lies in cancer genomics, particularly in contributing to early detection and treatment to improve patient outcomes. Currently, I’m keen on delving into the study of cancer through cell-free DNA sequencing data. During my leisure time, I enjoy painting, exploring various cuisines, and cherishing moments with friends and family.

Additionally, I also look forward to engaging in various outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking. Also, would like explore the scenic areas both within and around Seattle.