Armand Bankhead

Senior Staff Scientist

Joined July 2023

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I am a Senior Staff Scientist working in the Nelson Lab and Ha Lab at Fred Hutch as part of the Computational Biology Program and Human Biology Division.

I have a PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) from the University of Idaho where I also graduated with BSc degrees in Computer Science and Microbiology. My dissertation focused on modeling cancers as evolving systems using cellular automata and neural networks.

With over 15 years of post-graduate experience, I have successfully held BCB positions in both academia and industry settings. Recently at the University of Michigan I worked with Phil Palmbos to perform a pan-cancer analysis that showed particular TP63 isoforms were associated with improved patient survival while other TP63 isoforms were more likely to be expressed in cancer patients with reduced survival. Also, more recently at Agilent, I led a small team to analyze, interpret and summarize both research and clinical grade ctDNA cancer patient datasets including longitudinal studies exhibiting resistance-mechanism variants in response to targeted therapies.

In addition to work, I enjoy reading, spending time with family, hiking, fishing, and tending a small hobby farm in Arlington, WA.