Samantha Schuster

Postdoctoral Fellow

Joined February 2024


I am a post-doctoral fellow jointly mentored between Dr. Gavin Ha and Dr. Andrew Hsieh. I started this position in 2024 to work on a collaborative project analyzing multiomic sequencing data from a unique cohort of metastatic bladder cancer patients. In this project, I endeavor to utilize my background in molecular and cellular cancer biology while developing new skills in bioinformatics to bridge the gap between big data and clinical relevance.

Prior to joining the Ha lab, I completed my PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UW in the lab of Dr. Andrew Hsieh at the Fred Hutch. My graduate work focused on studying how mutations in RNA regulatory regions affect mRNA dynamics and molecular oncogenicity in prostate cancer. I am now excited to continue researching at the Fred Hutch and expanding my skills in computational cancer biology.

Outside of work, I spend my time taking ballet classes, horseback riding, hiking, and baking.


Multi-level functional genomics reveals molecular and cellular oncogenicity of patient-based 3′ untranslated region mutations

Multiplexed functional genomic analysis of 5' untranslated region mutations across the spectrum of prostate cancer