Pushpa Itagi

Postdoctoral Fellow

Joined August 2021


I am a post-Doctoral researcher co-mentored by Dr. Gavin Ha and Dr. Andrew Hsieh at the department of Computational Biology, Public Health Sciences division.

Currently, I’m working on understanding metastatic bladder cancer biology by analyzing genomics data collected through rapid autopsy of bladder cancer patients. I aim to evaluate different types of genomics data and integrate them to elucidate the biology for metastasis. Before joining Fred Hutch, I was a graduate student at the University of Kansas and a graduate researcher at UCLA. I worked with Dr. Eric J. Deeds on understanding prokaryotic proteasome assembly using Molecular Dynamics and Mathematical Modeling approaches.

I am looking forward to learning and growing as a researcher at the Hutch and developing an understanding of metastatic cancer biology. Besides work, I enjoy hiking, reading, travelling, exploring new places, and cooking.


Multi-level functional genomics reveals molecular and cellular oncogenicity of patient-based 3′ untranslated region mutations