Matt Neel

Research Analyst

July 2019 - July 2021


I am currently a Senior Data Analyst at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute and an Affiliate of Fred Hutch. In my current position in Logistics and Operations at SCRI, I develop BI solutions and increase data visibility via dashboards, reports, data sets and other constructs in Tableau and Power BI to support research efforts from the administrative side. I also perform analyses for the senior leadership team that focus on strategy and implementation of Lean principles. I received my data science certificate from the University of Washington.

Prior to my current role, I worked for the Department of Energy (BPA) to advance the integration of renewables into their generation portfolio. This involved project management, operations research and software development. I designed an algorithm for meteorological pattern recognition to increase early warning of severe wind events in the Pacific Northwest region; I also wrote code to automate error detection in financial transactions. Lastly, I worked with senior developers in IT on algorithm design for the allocation of renewable energy credits (RECs).

I received a BA in physics from Whitman College and an MS in physics from Oregon State University. My graduate research focused on quantum (nonlinear) optics, specifically optimizing second harmonic generation in photonic crystals for peak efficiency and photon entanglement. As an undergraduate I had the privilege of receiving a research internship from the Space Grant Consortium and worked at NASA’s JPL campus. My work focused on finding empirical relationships for the probability of circuit board failure due to electrostatic discharge during deep space missions.

In my free time I enjoy reading classic science fiction, keeping current on Mayan archaeology and traveling with my wife and toddler.