Circulating tumor DNA is readily detectable among Ghanaian breast cancer patients supporting non-invasive cancer genomic studies in Africa

Ahuno ST, Doebley A-L, Ahearn TU, Yarney J, Titiloye N, Hamel N, Adjei E, Clegg-Lamptey J-N, Edusei L, Awuah B, Song X, Vanderpuye V, Abubakar M, Duggan M, Stover D, Nyarko K, Bartlet JM, Aitpillah F, Ansong D, Gardner KL, Boateng FA, Bowcock AM, Caldas C, Foulkes WD, Wiafe S, Wiafe-Addai B, Garcia-Closas M, Kwarteng A, Ha G*, Figueroa JD*, Polak P*.
medRxiv , Oct 27 (2020).


Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) sequencing studies could provide novel insights into the molecular pathology of cancer in sub-Saharan Africa. ctDNA was readily detected in 15 blood samples collected in Ghana at the time of suspected breast cancer. Genomic alterations previously associated with unfavorable prognostic outcomes were observed in the majority of patients. This supports the use of liquid biopsies for diagnosis, surveillance and clinical management of breast cancer in Ghana.